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As your professional handyman, we stand behind our word to offer you the service and quality of work you deserve. Our team of professional handymen have a variety of skills and certifications spanning across multiple areas of construction. We can do it all! From pressure washing to roof repairs to painting to electric, plumbing and much more. Contact us today for reliable service you can count on in the Tri-State area.

Deck Staining & Cleaning

When your deck is in need of stain or a deep cleaning, hiring Affordable Handyman is the only call you will need to make. There is a process that we use to ensure that this is done properly and that you are satisfied with the results.  Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Pressure Washing

If your home, deck, driveway or any other part of your home or office is in need of pressure washing, it's best to hire the professionals at Affordable Handyman.  We are experienced and we will be sure your property is more beautiful than when we arrived.  If you need pressure washing service, call today!

Ceiling Fan Installation

Are you in need of a ceiling fan to be replaced or newly installed?  At Affordable Handyman, we can help.  Don't tackle this alone, hire a professional to help to ensure it's installed correctly.  Call today!

Elderly/Disabled Home Safety Modifications

If you need safety modifications made to your home or office to ensure the safety of the disabled or elderly, Affordable Handyman can assist.  When safety is your #1 concern, call the professionals at Affordable Handyman so you can feel confident that the modifications were done correctly.  

Roof Repair

If you have damage to your roof and are in need of roof repair, trust the experts at Affordable Handyman to get the job done right and at a good price.  Whether you need the replacement of a roof boot, flashing, soffit and/or fascia repair, give us a call.  Our professionals have the experience you can feel confident in.  

Door & Window Repair

When you require window or door repair, it's important to make sure it's done properly.  If the window is not sealing properly or letting in a draft or if your door is sticking, squeaking, etc..., give Affordable Handyman a call and let us fix this for you.  If you should need a new installation of a door or window, we can help with that too.  Call today to discuss your specific window or door repair needs. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting takes time and patience to ensure it's done right to not only ensure it looks beautiful but that it also withstands the test of time.  We use the best quality materials to ensure that your home, deck, fence or any other structure is given a fresh look that you can be proud of.  

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Maintaining your gutters to ensure they are free of debris is important to the longevity of not only your gutters but your roof as well.  If you should see sagging or notice that your gutters are pouring water out of the middle of the gutter, it's time to call the gutter experts at Affordable Handyman.  

Garage Repair

Are you having problems opening your garage door?  Are one of your springs missing or damaged?  Call Affordable Handyman today to see how we can help with all your garage door repair needs.  

Barn/Shed Repair

If you have a barn or a shed that is in need of repair due to storm damage or just the natural damage that occurs over time, call Affordable Handyman to help.  We have the experience you can trust and the knowledge to ensure that your barn or shed repair are done so naturally that it will look as close to the original as possible. 

Sump Pump Repair

If you have a sump pump that doesn't seem to be working as it should, call Affordable Handyman for service.  We can handle all your sump pump repairs.  You can trust that we will get the job done right so you no longer have to worry.  


Electricity is dangerous and should never be worked on by a non-professional. If you need electrical work done for your home or office, our electricians have the necessary tools and know-how for installing new electrical wiring and for general electrical repairs.

Plumbing Repair

If you are in need of water line repairs or any other plumbing repair services, Affordable Handyman can help.  We are experienced so you can feel good about hiring us to handle all your plumbing repair needs.  

Chimney Repair

Having a chimney that works but also looks good is important to the overall look of your home.  If you are in need of chimney repair, Affordable Handyman is just a call away.  We want to ensure that your chimney is fixed properly so you can enjoy the warmth of the fire in the winter or the view of your home from the road.  Call us today!

Home/Office Miscellaneous Repair

Here at Affordable Handyman, we offer a wide variety of services to accommodate any home or office repair you may need.  We take pride in our experience and our ability to accommodate any repair needed.  If you own a home or office, repairs are part of maintaining or keeping the property looking it's best.  Don't tackle your home or offices' repairs alone, call the professionals at Affordable Handyman today to see how we can help.  
If you don't see a particular service listed, give us a call, our services are extensive. We offer EMERGENCY SAME DAY SERVICE as well so if it's an emergency, call now!
Emergency Same Day Service (513) 851-9333
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